Andrew Nelson

Andrew Nelson

Wealth Consultant

Andrew is a dynamic professional with a rich background in retail finance, marked by his unwavering commitment to helping clients reach their aspirations.  

His innate leadership qualities came to the fore as he spearheaded a dedicated team of 40 small business owners, propelling them to develop strategic plans to pursue their goals. This accomplishment underscored his ability to cultivate collaboration and harness collective potential.

Drawing from a wealth of experience, Andrew has masterfully navigated the intricacies of running multiple successful small businesses. It is this comprehensive perspective that kindled his passion for making a profound impact through financial services. Recognizing the transformative potential of this field, he embraced his new path in 2020, launching his own financial services practice which developed his guiding principle that every solid plan must be built upon a foundation of protection. Looking to expand his capabilities, he decided to join with Larson & Larson in 2023.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Andrew finds joy in cherished moments with his wife, Amanda, and their two beloved Fur Babies, Toast and Templeton. An ardent lover of the outdoors, he seizes every opportunity for golfing, fishing, and camping – activities that rejuvenate his spirit. Andrew's enthusiasm for fostering connections extends to his unwavering devotion to family and friends, as he embraces every chance to gather and create lasting memories.