Why have customers chosen Larson & Larson in the past?
We’re honest. As an independent firm without proprietary products, our clients can trust that we’re giving them straight advice with zero sales bias. When our clients benefit, we benefit. We’ve had countless clients sit down with us, dead-set on staying with their current financial advisor—until they find out how much more benefit and knowledge comes from working with us instead.

How does your process set you apart from other financial advisors?
We commit to finding the best plan and cost structure for your unique situation. Always. We are focused on maximizing your returns—our benefit comes strictly from the financial benefits of our clients. For that reason, it’s vital that our clients understand what their money can do for them. Our process is more education-focused than you’ll find with many other financial advisors, and clients walk away feeling better, smarter, and with increased confidence in their finances because of it.

Is anything special about your approach to investing?
Since we have no proprietary products, we seek out and use a wide variety of services and products from many companies, including securities through our broker-dealer, LPL Financial. This gives our clients the best of all worlds, with best-in-class services hand-picked from providers and compiled into a unique plan built specifically for them, and with them. It gives our clients objective insight into what aspects of each service work best for them. Unlike other firms, our independence gives our clients a clearer, more customized path to financial independence.

How does your company culture affect your clients?
Financial advising runs in our family, and it’s something that comes naturally for us. For most people, that’s not the case. When we first meet with our clients, financial planning is this vast unknown. It’s a confusing, daunting idea, but they know it is necessary for their financial security. That’s why we place the highest importance of all on educating our clients.

We know that financial planning doesn’t come easily for most people, and that’s normal. We take the time to educate and delight in the moment when a new client understands, for the first time in their life, where their money is going and what it’s doing for them.

We bridge an important gap, helping our clients pave a path between financial fear and freedom. Our company culture is one of enlightenment and understanding. We’re never too busy to miss an opportunity to teach a client something new. The best part of taking an educational approach to finance is finding out what enlightened ideas clients can come up with if they’re given the right tools and a little bit of guidance.

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